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ATA Truck Tonnage Index Plunged 12.2% in April

For April, American Trucking Association (ATA) reported massive declines in truck tonnage year-over-year. The retail industry was hit hard, while food saw increased demand. "The decline in tonnage is really no surprise. Once production of non-essential goods stopped, so did the shipments," said Mike Nervick CEO Sleek Fleet. 
Not only is Sleek Fleet providing capacity to move essential goods across America, but customers are gathering NEW data and insights to make stronger, informed tran...
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Sleek Fleet Offers Shippers 100% Rate Transparency to Keep America's Freight Moving at Fair Market Cost During Time of Crisis

Multiple sources, including DAT, are reporting massive spikes in spot market load volumes and rates because of increased demand with essential goods. Front lines workers, such as warehouse employees and truck drivers, are working endless hours to keep America moving forward, while other manufacturers experience declines in demand, and are re-forecasting and cutting costs to stay afloat in an uncertain market.

“Regardless of a shipper’s uniqu...

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