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Transportation Experts Share Their Insights On Digital Freight Brokerages

A recent Forbes article reveals how digital, and technology, are automating the freight industry. For example, BluJay has invested in strategic partnerships that will integrate real-time quotes directly into its TMS platform. Sleek Fleet is one of these strategic integrations. "As the freight industry continues to advance to digital, Sleek Fleet will continue to build tech-enabled solutions that help our customers simplify logistics", said Mike Nervick, Sleek Fleet CEO. 

Here is a link to th...

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Trucking companies are parking their fleet-expansion plans with unprecedented speed.

WSJ report notes decreases in truck orders, and average US truckload rate per mile of $1.51. According to Mike Nervick, Sleek Fleet CEO, "Market conditions will flip at some point, but the key question is when". Until then, shippers and carriers continue on with contingency plans, while developing strategies to bounce back when the economy is ready. "We're collecting data so we, along with our customers, have strong insights to navigate through future unknowns", said Nervick. #SleekPOV

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House lawmakers vote to raise mandatory insurance coverage to $2 million

FreightWaves reports that lawmakers have approved increasing insurance required for truck drivers. "Unfortunately, this amendment will cause many small carriers to go out of business," said Dean Corbolotti, Sleek Fleet Director of Shipper Engagement. "Carriers are struggling. Covid has driven freight rates down, and decreased volume has made it tough for carriers to effectively reduce deadhead miles. Not to mention the costs of operating a truck, outside of fuel, have risen." #SleekPOV
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Companies Lean on Freight Technology to Untangle Scrambled Supply Chains

A recent WSJ article shared that technology is helping companies streamline supply chains, so they are positioned to rebound more quickly when new challenges arise. "Smart companies are adapting because of the current disruption, and that is leading to long term investments towards improvement," said Mike Nervick, Sleek Fleet CEO.


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ATA Truck Tonnage Index Plunged 12.2% in April

For April, American Trucking Association (ATA) reported massive declines in truck tonnage year-over-year. The retail industry was hit hard, while food saw increased demand. "The decline in tonnage is really no surprise. Once production of non-essential goods stopped, so did the shipments," said Mike Nervick CEO Sleek Fleet. 
Not only is Sleek Fleet providing capacity to move essential goods across America, but customers are gathering NEW data and insights to make stronger, informed tran...
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Tips To Keep Workers Safe As They Return Back To Work

For several weeks now, workplaces across America have essentially shut down, or have had limited shifts, due to stay-at-home orders. Local governments are starting to ease restrictions so businesses can get back to full capacity. Safety will remain the number one priority. New protocols will be needed not only for employees, but for vendors and guests too. Shippers, who manage the flow of goods through warehouses and docks, need to consider not only the safety of their employees, but of the n...

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What’s changing in federal hours of service regs

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced that changes are coming to federal hours of service regs. According to Dean Corbolotti, Sleek Fleet Director Shipper Engagement, "Long haul drivers will have more flexibility, which in turn will give them the opportunity to provide better service and possibly make a little more money at the same time. Short haul drivers will have a larger radius to drive and a couple more hours available per day." #SleekPOV

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#SleekTruckerStory (Igor Brito)

One of the reasons America can start to press forward is because of those working on the front lines. The Sleek Fleet carrier network, made up of America’s hardest working drivers, continues to haul essential freight into hard hit areas. Here’s another #SleekTruckerStory.

Igor Brito, an independent driver from New Jersey, moves loads in and around the northeast region. As we know, many things have changed for those who work in transportation. Igor has noticed longer processing times at orig...

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#SleekTruckerStory (Andrew Krynski)

As mentioned in previous blog entries, the Sleek Fleet carrier network continues to deliver freight across America. We’ve checked in with truck drivers across America, who haul with Sleek Fleet, to see how the transportation industry has been impacted. We also asked for advice on how carriers can stay safe during the crisis. #SleekTruckerStory

Our first entry comes from Andrew Krynski, an independent driver in Illinois. He said people are taking great caution and keeping their distance durin...

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Thank You To Our Truck Drivers- Our Heroes- During This Time of Crisis

A recent article published by Freight Waves says Pennsylvania has closed all rest stops, including access to parking lots due to COVID-19. "This will definitely impact truck drivers who are working their tails off to keep America moving", said Dean Corbolotti, Sleek Fleet director of shipper engagement. "Think about it, the men and women who haul freight across the US won't have a safe place to rest and clean up." 

Now more than ever, essentials like food, medical supplies and paper products...

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5 Important Tips for Work From Home Success

COVID-19 is forcing the world to hit the pause button. Trade shows are cancelled, schools are closed, and professional sports have stopped. Stay at home mandates have been placed in many cities to aid in social distancing. Companies are now requiring team members to work from home. 

“Sleek Fleet is a remote-based company, so working from home is our norm”, said Kira Meinzer, Sleek Fleet Chief People Officer. “Working from home definitely has advantages, but there are challenges too. To stay ...

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Our Carrier Network Continues to Haul into the Eye of the Storm

As some trucking companies begin to refuse orders into heavy hit COVID-19 areas, the Sleek Fleet network continues to press forward. For weeks now, our network of carriers have been hauling freight directly into New York City, labeled as the new virus epicentre. 

On a daily basis, multiple times per day, drivers deliver much needed medical supplies and groceries. "We have loads shipping from North Carolina to the island of New York City daily", said Dean Corbolotti, Director of Shipper Engag...

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Navigate Supply and Demand Changes With Transparent Rates

In March, supply and demand shifted overnight as necessities flew off the shelves, while demand for non-essential products slowed. The transportation market continues to experience both tight and soft market conditions depending on the product. As one would expect, goods such as groceries and water have through-the-roof capacity demands right now.

Shippers are reporting same day YoY 100%+ growth in load volumes. According to Oleg Yanchyk, Sleek Fleet Chief Information Officer, "We ...

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Avoid Price Gouging During Times of Crisis

There’s no doubt that adaptability is a key ingredient when successfully navigating through crisis. COVID-19 is forcing companies to develop contingency plans to mitigate risk. The trucking industry is certainly not immune to the COVID-19 crisis. If there’s one thing we know, there will be an impact, we just don’t know how significant the long term effects will be. 

Manufacturers all over the world are analyzing market predictions, trends and data to develop plans to overcome COVID-19. Most ...

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CDC Statement on Self-Quarantine Guidance for Greater New York City Transportation and Delivery Workers

When we issued the self-quarantining guidance for greater New York City residents leaving this area, it was out of an abundance of caution to help protect U.S. areas with lower levels of COVID-19 spread. In line with our recommendations for other essential critical infrastructure workers, this guidance does not apply to critical transportation and delivery workers who are desperately needed for New York residents to continue their daily lives and respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Truck d...

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Sleek Fleet Offers Drivers Free Fast Pay and Maximized Margins During Time of Crisis

As the world begins to shut down, truck drivers continue to work around the clock to move medical supplies, water, groceries, and more across the US. "Unfortunately, truck drivers don't get a break. Without drivers on the road our economy would stop," said Mike Nervick, Sleek Fleet CEO. "These men and women don't get the credit they deserve."

To help drivers during this time of crisis, Sleek Fleet, a transportation technology company, is off...

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Sleek Fleet Offers Shippers 100% Rate Transparency to Keep America's Freight Moving at Fair Market Cost During Time of Crisis

Multiple sources, including DAT, are reporting massive spikes in spot market load volumes and rates because of increased demand with essential goods. Front lines workers, such as warehouse employees and truck drivers, are working endless hours to keep America moving forward, while other manufacturers experience declines in demand, and are re-forecasting and cutting costs to stay afloat in an uncertain market.

“Regardless of a shipper’s uniqu...

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Goldman: Coronavirus could reduce profits 3.6% for manufacturers

The estimate was based on an average production utilization rate of 50% for the month of February and a 30% reduction in Chinese demand over the next six months.

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Van volumes rise as Black Friday approaches

Freight volumes have been building for weeks, but sufficient capacity has kept rates in check so far this fall. The national average van rate of $1.81 per mile is only 1¢ higher than October's average. On the other hand, the top 100 van lanes showed freight volumes increasing last week and more lanes had rising rates than falling rates. The top 100 lanes are often a predictor of where the national average is heading, so we may see increased strength as we approach Black Friday — which occurs ...

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How Do Shippers Efficiently Access Truckload Capacity In Tumultuous Marketplace Conditions?

The challenge in today’s FTL marketplace isn’t capacity . .  it’s access!  Small Carriers (<50 trucks) represent ~60% of the total carrier market, yet access is dominated by Large Carriers and Brokers.  Technology is the gateway to securing small carrier capacity . . at scale.   

In this webinar (; Password: SleekFleet), Chief Commercial Officer Jim Robinson details how Sleek Fleet's technology helps shippers leverage our small-carrier netw...

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10% tariffs on 'certain' clothing, electronics from China delayed to Dec 15th

UPDATE: Aug. 13, 2019: The United States Trade Representative has published the lists of product lines that will face 10% tariffs Sept. 1, known as list 4A, and Dec. 15, known as list 4B.  

"We’re doing this for the Christmas season," Trump told reporters Tuesday afternoon, according to multiple news reports. "Just in case some of the tariffs would have an impact on U.S. customers."

Dive Brief:

The United States Trade Representative (USTR) said it will delay 10% tariffs on "certain article...

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APIs And The High Value Of ‘Useless’ Data

Daniel Smith from Amber Road talks API's with Talking Logistics



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The Search for Safe Truck Parking

One of the issues that continues to plague truck drivers is the lack of access to safe, convenient parking.  This problem has been impacting the industry for years and is sometimes the last straw for drivers to exit the profession.  Recently at the National Association of Truck Stop Operators (NATSO) convention, the parking crisis was summarized with the financial impact drivers experience.  Dan Murray, the Vice President of Research for the ATRI, estimated that lost wages associated with see...

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Is FedEx's decision to split up with Amazon a shift in the industry?

Dive Brief:

As the dust settles on FedEx's decision not to renew its Express domestic contract with Amazon, analysts disagree on whether the move was a prudent one or a risk that could jeopardize FedEx's margins further down the line. 

In research notes emailed to Supply Chain Dive Monday, Moody's analysts said the decision "makes sense given expectations of strong e-commerce growth." Morgan Stanley analysts said the carrier is putting its margins at risk while claiming to do the opposite. ...

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DAT: Van Rates Finally Get a Boost in Jun 2019

For many motor carriers, June couldn't get here fast enough. This is typically the busiest time of the year for spot freight, and it brings in some of the highest rates of the year for trucking companies. Last week, prices increased on 90 of the top 100 van lanes, and on DAT load boards, there were more load posts than any other single week since last September.

Of course, much of last week's jump in rates and load-to-truck ratios was due to International Roadcheck, the 3-day inspection blit...

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New Technologies Help Level the Playing Field for Independent Truckers

Most truckers drive solo for hundreds of days annually. While being on the road so much can feel isolating at times, they are by no means alone. Qualified, professional truckers are part of an expansive and indispensable network driving commerce and the economy. Each day millions of Class 8 trucks move freight across our nation’s highways. Independent owner-operators and small fleets (<10 trucks) make up more than 90% of those drivers. Not only are they major stakeholders in the future of the...

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What’s on Independent Truck Drivers’ Holiday Wish Lists for 2018?

About 350,000 registered truck owners/operators in the U.S. are an essential part of the vast army of over-the-road trucks responsible for moving freight across our nation’s highways every day.  These independent professional drivers are hardworking and committed to doing their job safely and efficiently.

According to a survey of owner-operators conducted earlier this year, 41 percent of those surveyed spend at least 200 nights away from home and drive more than 100,000 miles per year. Howev...

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Introducing Sleek Fleet: Technology Built to Improve the Profitability of Independent Truckers

Technology and Transportation

Technology now plays a major role in the transportation and logistics space, and its influence continues to expand. After initially being heavily weighted in favor of helping shippers optimize their supply chain networks, technology is finally starting to address the needs of truck drivers.

Yet, most of today's 'technologies' represent incremental enhancements to long-standing tools like load boards and routing guides. Sleek Fleet's technology is different — it...

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Mobile Technology Gives Drivers New Opportunities for Growth

Technology has transformed the supply chain over the past two decades. Shippers, large asset-based carriers, brokers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) all now have access to a wide range of tools to streamline day-to-day operations, improve performance and increase profitability. However, even with all of these advancements, there's been one group that's largely been ignored — drivers.

Despite being the lifeblood of the supply chain, drivers have lacked solutions designed to meet th...

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Sleek Fleet Announces Results of Owner Operator Driver Survey

  • Data shows drivers' desire to leverage mobile technology for business
  • Direct access to loads and fast pay among most common functionality preferences
  • Results used in development of automated and transparent Sleek Fleet mobile solution


CHICAGO, IL — September 20th, 2017 — Sleek Fleet LLC today announced the results of a survey of owner operators conducted to gain insight into current methods of connecting to the internet and acquiring loads as well as functionality preferences. The s...

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Sleek Fleet Launches Solution to Connect Truck Drivers with Shippers

  • No more brokers, owner operators have direct access to shippers
  • Shippers gain industry-first level of access, flexibility and cost savings
  • Automated and transparent Sleek Fleet solution saves time, improves efficiency


CHICAGO, IL — July 19, 2017 — Sleek Fleet LLC today announces the official launch of its web- and mobile-enabled freight marketplace solution designed to directly connect owner operators with loads from the world's largest shippers.

Sleek Fleet offers an effective and...

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Sleek Fleet Appoints Executives to Leadership Team

Sleek Fleet LLC today announced the addition of Kelly Cutler as chief marketing officer and Jim Robinson as chief commercial officer. Cutler and Robinson will focus on driver enlistment and shipper engagement delivering on Sleek Fleet's commitment to a virtual network of owner operators.

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Sleek Fleet Selects 3Gtms Transportation Management System

3Gtms, Inc., a provider of Tier 1 transportation management software, announced today that Sleek Fleet, LLC has chosen its 3G-TM transportation management system (TMS) to meet the diverse needs of the market and drive business growth.

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Owner Operator and Professional Employee Driver Facts

Read about Owner Operators and see why we know they're so valuable to the industry. These facts come from the current authority on the topic, the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA).

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Trucking Industry Facts

Visualize the industry with this cool infographic. See what an employee driver makes and compare it to operating costs. Add in the bureaucratic overhead and you'll know why large carriers have such low operating ratios.

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A&A Releases Study of Digital Freight Matching

There are 27 startups attempting different strategies in our space. Luckily Google taught us that you don't have to be first and best, you just have to be early and better when they overtook Yahoo to become the number one search engine.

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Logistics Management Interview

Hear what industry giant CH Robinson thinks about the current state of the industry and where it's headed. While we don't agree with everything in the article, we believe he makes many good points and expresses valid concerns about automation.

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Business Insider - Cargomatic Article

An in depth look at what went wrong for one would be competitor.

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On the Boulevard Documentary

A look at the challenges Drivers face and why they yearn for the freedom of the road.

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