Frequently Asked Questions

For Drivers

How much does it cost?
Registration is free. When you see a load you like, and put in a winning bid, you get 100% of your bid. Our shippers pay a flat percentage that covers our costs of technology, administration, and accounting.
Why do I have to register?
Sleek Fleet is built with you and your small business in mind. We want to insure that there are no larger carriers, brokers, imposters, or under qualified drivers in the system. Once your application has been approved and your profile is complete you will have full access to loads from all our shippers as soon as they become available.
How can I make more money when the shipper is saving money?
There are no large carriers or brokers taking a slice of your pie, every load has the same transaction fee so we don't waste time haggling, and there are no hidden fees like quick pay so you'll never feel like you're being taken advantage of.
Who can I call if I'm having an issue on a load?
Our accessorial (detention, lumper, Truck Order Not Used, etc.) approval is 99% automated. Details are included in our password secured area and we're always here to help. In the event that you run into a problem at one of your stops, please call our Driver Hotline at 910.420.4295.
Is my information going to be used elsewhere?
Privacy is very important to you so it is very important to Sleek Fleet. We will not share your information other than for your shippers to have updates on their loads.
How quickly will I get paid?
During normal business hours, we promise to handle your paperwork, either process the payment or notify you of anything that needs to be corrected, within 4 hours of submission.
How do I know that I will get paid?
Sleek Fleet's payment terms are so fast that you'll know within hours of when you deliver if there’s an issue. We pay you long before our shippers pay us so you don't need to worry about their creditworthiness.
What type of device can I use?
Both our Driver Portal and Fleet Portal are web based, so they may be accessed from any device, tablet, or computer with an internet connection. The Driver Portal has been optimized for mobile and requires locations services and a camera to complete all load execution steps.
Why do you want my phone's location services turned on?
The shippers require automated tracking and you deserve to drive in peace (or talk to somebody you like)!

For Shippers

Why isn't there more information for me on this site?
Your needs are unique. Automating a process requires standardization but more importantly, it requires customization so it works for you. We work with our Shippers through the whole process to ensure we meet your requirements.
How can I learn more?
Please apply to ship with Sleek Fleet or give us a call at 312-319-5588. We'll take some preliminary steps to verify that you are in fact a real shipper and not a broker to ensure that we can keep our costs to a minimum. We also ask that you execute a Mutual NDA, ours or yours, so that we can both have peace of mind as we build our relationship.
My company requires more insurance than the typical shipper.
Please give us a call or fill out our online form requesting a call to discuss your requirements. Our processes enable us to comply with your standards.
I don’t need an app. I already have enough systems to deal with.
You won't ever have to log into Sleek Fleet unless you want to. Sleek Fleet integrates with your systems through standard EDI, API's, or whatever your preference is. All of the updates will come right to your desktop and require no additional logins or contact.
I don't want the headache of trying to manage a bunch of Independent Carriers.
We hear you loud and clear. Your contract is with Sleek Fleet and all of your payments will go to Sleek Fleet on your standard terms. We'll handle the rest and provide you the same level of confidence you'd have with the nation's largest trucking company.
How can I save money if the Driver is making more money?
One single standard fee, no large carriers, no brokers, or other middle men. The efficiency of our technology removes the waste of haggling.