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Our Solution

Sleek Fleet enables qualified and professional Owner Operators to haul for the world's largest shippers. The primary purpose of the Sleek Fleet Marketplace solution is three-fold:
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind
Safe and timely movement of product followed through with efficient billing and payment
Increased Profitability
Increased Profitability
We never accept freight from, or give access to brokers and large carriers
Removes barriers to entry for true Owner Operator Drivers providing access to untapped capacity


Access World's Largest Shippers
Safe and professional drivers deserve access to the world's largest shippers
Improve Load Selection and Utilization
Market making technology improves load selection and utilization
Level Playing Field
Designed for Owner Operators by Owner Operators leveling the playing field
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Rest Assured
The assurances you have with your current preferred carriers
Right Drivers on the Road
Buying direct ensures the right driver is on the right load
Power of Owner Operators
Owner Operators represent as many drivers as the top 100 for hire carriers
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Our Story

The efficient flow of goods, capital, and information is the cornerstone of a truly free market. The transportation industry has come a long way in the past 20 years but is far from perfect. Fragmentation, poor visibility, and inefficient communication complicate the marketplace.

Sleek Fleet is here to drive your profitability through automation and transparency. Our commitment to our Culture aligns our team producing trust, empowerment, and responsibility. We are driven by the vision to be the most efficient stewards of freight, data, and capital.

What's New

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What’s on Independent Truck Drivers’ Holiday Wish Lists for 2018?

About 350,000 registered truck owners/operators in the U.S. are an essential part of the vast army of over-the-road trucks responsible for moving freight across our nation’s highways every day.  These independent professional drivers are hardworking and committed to doing their job safely and efficiently.

According to a survey of owner-operators conducted earlier this year, 41 percent of those...

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Introducing Sleek Fleet: Technology Built to Improve the Profitability of Independent Truckers

Technology and Transportation

Technology now plays a major role in the transportation and logistics space, and its influence continues to expand. After initially being heavily weighted in favor of helping shippers optimize their supply chain networks, technology is finally starting to address the needs of truck drivers.

Yet, most of today's 'technologies' represent incremental enhancements to...

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Mobile Technology Gives Drivers New Opportunities for Growth

Technology has transformed the supply chain over the past two decades. Shippers, large asset-based carriers, brokers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) all now have access to a wide range of tools to streamline day-to-day operations, improve performance and increase profitability. However, even with all of these advancements, there's been one group that's largely been ignored — drivers....

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